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Tools to Create How To Videos on Windows 7

This post lists some tools that can be used to help create demos.

Magnify Clicks

Use the Windows 7 Magnifier to magnify where you click.

See [link] for overview and shortcuts.


Turn on magnification as you demo with WindowsKey and '+'

Turn off magnification as you demo with WindowsKey and ESC

Screen Record and Video Editing

Check out the Super Business Bundle from Movavi which contains:

Movavi Video Editor Business Movavi Video Converter Premium – Business Movavi Screen Capture Pro

Evaluate @ [link]

Buy @ [link]

Highlight your Mouse Pointer

PointerFocus @ [link] allows you to:

  • cursor highlighting,

  • mouse spotlighting,

  • keystroke visualization,

  • magnification and

  • on-screen annotation

Buy @ [link] for $12.50.

Presentation Assistant @ [link] also allows you to do the same thing. Buy @ [link] for $29.95


  • Magnifier icon from [link]

  • PointerFocus screen clip from [link]

  • Movavi icon from [link]


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