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DOCSIS 3.1 Series of Specification and Related Specifications

This post lists CableLabs links to each specification listed in Physical Layer Specification CM-SP-PHYv3.1-I17-190917. It also includes an specification annotated reference architecture.

1) SP-PHYv3.1 Physical Layer Specification [link][I17] 2) CM-SP-MULPIv3.1 MAC and Upper Layer Protocols Interface Specification [link][I20] 3) CM-SP-CM-OSSIv3.1 Cable Modem Operations Support System Interface Specification [link][I16] 4) CM-SP-CCAP-OSSIv3.1 CCAP Operations Support System Interface Specification [link][I17] 5) CM-SP-SECv3.1 Security Specification [link][I09] 6) CM-SP-CMCIv3.0 Cable Modem CPE Interface Specification [link][I03] 7) CM-SP-eDOCSIS eDOCSIS™ Specification [link][I30] 8) CM-SP-DRFI Downstream Radio Frequency Interface Specification [link][I16] 9) CM-SP-DTI DOCSIS Timing Interface Specification [link][I08] 10) CM-SP-DEPI Downstream External PHY Interface Specification [link][I14] 11) CM-SP-DSG DOCSIS Set-Top Gateway Interface Specification [link][I25] 12) CM-SP-ERMI Edge Resource Manager Interface Specification [link][C01] 13) CM-SP-L2VPN Layer 2 Virtual Private Networks Specification [link][I15] 14) CM-SP-TEI TDM Emulation Interfaces Specification [link][I06]

All specs zip [link]


  • CableLabs icon from [link]

  • DOCSIS® 3.1 Physical Layer Specification CM-SP-PHYv3.1-I17-190917 [link]

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