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Start a vncserver on a Remote Linux machine and Connect to it Over SSH

This post shows you how to SSH into a remote machine, start a VNC server and connect to the VNC server from Ubuntu 16.04.5.

Note: You should replace with your username on the remote host and the name of the remote host

Step 1: Open a terminal window on your local machine

Step 2: Open an SSH connection

From your local machine type:


Step 3: After logging in, start a VNC server:

Type in the window:

vncserver -geometry 1920x1080

You should see something like:

New ' (user)' desktop is

Step 4: Note down the number you see after in this case its 6 but it may be something else.

Step 5: Open another terminal window on your local machine

Step 6: Using the number noted above, in the window type:

ssh -L 5901:localhost:5906

This ^^^ command sets up a "tunnel" that routes packets from port 5901 on your local machine, localhost, to port 5906 on the remote host,, through SSH port 22.

Step 7: On your local host

1: Click the Ubuntu launcher

2: Type vnc

3: Click on the Remmina Remote Desktop Client

Step 8: After Remmina Remote Desktop Client launches

1: Select VNC

2: Type :1

3: Click Connect!


  • How to Connect to VNC using SSH [link]

  • VNC logo from [link]

  • SSH logo from [link]

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