Build and Test ZC706 Using Petalinux 2021.2 tools with 2021.2 Xilinx board support package.

Updated: Jun 8

In this video I will demonstrate downloading the proper .bsp to work with Petalinux 2021.2 tools to build and test the ZC706

Commands that are used throughout the video

  1. Download the correct .bsp using this link (

  2. Create the folder where you will keep your new projects using "mkdir ~/plxprjs"

  3. cd into folder

  4. create the project inside the project folder using "petalinux-create -t project -s ~/Downloads/xilinx-zc706-v2021.2-final.bsp --name vc706_21" - use any project name you want

  5. cd into project folder which is your project name from the previous step

  6. petalinux-build

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