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Building the ZCU102 board support package for Petalinux 2021.2 (using a local Sstate file).

I this video I demonstrate how to build the ZCU102 board support package for Petalinux 2021.2 tools using a local Sstate file. You might want to consider this if you're trying to shave some time off the build or you may need to use this if you do not have internet access at the location you're doing the build. NOTE: The process to build the board support package without the sState is the same outside of changing your Yocto settings - just use the defaults in the Petalinux config for Yocto tools which include the path to Xilinx download site.

#1 download the board support package for the ZCU102 using petlinux 2021.2

#2 download the sState file for the ZCU102 using petlinux 2021.2

#3 set the petalinux source for 2021.2 (use the path where you installed it locally) source /opt/pkg/petalinux/2021.2/

#4 create the project (I created a main folder that holds all of my projects before running this command so I could use sub folders for each specific project) In other words, run this command at the root of the folder you want to host your project. petalinux-create -t project -s ~/Downloads/xilinx-zcu102-v2021.2-final.bsp --name (whatever you want to call your project)

#5 Unzip the sSate .tar file downloaded from step 2 and copy it into your project folder from step 4 (you can name it whatever you want - I used "sstate" for simplicity)

#6 Change the Yocto settings to point Petalinux tools to the local sState folder instead of the defaults located on Xilinx website petalinux-config

#7 Build the project petalinux-build (this will still take some time - up to 1 hour)

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