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Connect the Xilinx SDK to the TCF Agent Running on a Target Running a PetaLinux BSP

Updated: May 14, 2023

This post shows how to connect the Xilinx SDK to the TCF Agent running on a target running a PetaLinux BSP.


These steps assume: minicom has been installed and set up, Vivado has been installed, the Xilinx SDK has been installed, a PetaLinux BSP has been built and the JTAG, serial and Ethernet ports have been connected between the target and the host. In addition, in this case, Linux was running in a VM and the Ethernet cable from the target was connected to a USB connector with an Ethernet port built-in.


Step #1: Open a new window on the host and type minicom

Step #2: Open a new window on the host and type:

mkdir ~/plxprjs

cd ~/plxprjs/

source /opt/pkg/petalinux/2019.1/

cd ~/plxprjs/xilinx-zc706-2019.1/

petalinux-boot --jtag --fpga --u-boot --hw_server-url TCP:localhost:3121

...and let the target boot

Step #3: Log in to the target using root for user and root for password

Step #4: Type on the target: ifconfig eth0

Step #5: In the VM enable the Ethernet USB device

Step #6: Type on the host to get interface name: ifconfig

Step #7: Type on the host: sudo ifconfig enx000ec6df71ef

Step #8: From the target test the connection to the host: ping

Step #9: From the host test the connection to the target: ping

If you can’t ping try:

sudo ifconfig enx000ec6df71ef down

sudo ifconfig enx000ec6df71ef up

Step #10: In the SDK create a helloworld app using Processor Type ps7_cortex_a9 and set the OS Platform to linux

Step #11: In the SDK, expand Linux TCF Agent in the lower-left corner Target Connections window

Step #12: In the SDK, double click Linux Agent [default] and set the “Host” (which is actually the target) to and leave Port set to 1534. Click Test Connection and make sure the connection works. Click OK to close.

Step #13: Right-click on hello and click Debug As > Launch on Hardware (System Debugger) and step through your code. You’ll see the output in the minicom window.



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