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Create a ZC706 Vivado Project

Updated: May 14, 2023

This post lists the steps to create a Vivado project for a ZC706 and to check the version of the ZC706 you're using.

Versions Used

  • Vivado 2018.2

  • ZC706 Rev 2.0 Board


Step 1: Create a directory called c:\vivprjs

Step 2: Launch Vivado 2018.2

Step 3: Click Create Project

Step 4: At the Create a New Vivado Project click Next >

Step 5:

A) Use Project name: vhdl1

B) Use Project location: c:/vivadoprjs.

C) Leave the Create project subdirectory check-box checked.

D) The wizard page should list: Project will be created at: C:/vivadoprjs/vhdl1.

E) Click Next >

Step 6:

A) Leave RTL Project selected

B) Leave Do not specify sources at this time checked

C) Click Next >

Step 7:

A) Click Boards

B) Select

C) Select Latest

D) Type ZC706

E) Click on the ZYNQ-7 ZC706 Evaluation Board box to select the ZYNQ-7 ZC706

F) Click Next >

Note on Board Rev:

You should ensure that the Board Rev listed on the board (see [link] to answer How can I determine what Board Revision I am using?). On the 2.0 version of the ZC706 board the rev number is here:

You'll notice that we only have Version 1.4 available. From [link] you can download the UCF and XDC files:

In this archive it says in the readme.txt:

"No XDC or UCF changes from Revision 1.0 through Revision 2.0."

So the fact that it only lists 1.4 is not a problem since the XDC and UCF files are what change when you update the version.

Here are some pictures of the rest of the columns:

Step 8: Click Finish on the New Project Summary page

You should see:



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