Fix petalinux-boot “tcf_send_command tcfchan#0 RunControl” Boot Failure

This post shows a way to fix a petalinux-boot problem whose symptom is a “tcf_send_command tcfchan#0 RunControl” message during boot.


After typing petalinux-boot --jtag --fpga --u-boot --hw_server-url TCP:localhost:3121 on a ZC706 see:

INFO: Downloading ELF file: /home/zpfeffer/plxprjs/xilinx-zc706-2019.1/images/linux/zynq_fsbl.elf to the target.

Already stopped

invoked from within

"::tcf::eval -progress {apply {{msg} {puts $msg}}} {tcf_send_command tcfchan#0 RunControl suspend s e JTAG-jsn-JTAG-SMT2-210251A07C1B-4ba00477-0.0}"

(procedure "::tcf::send_command" line 4)

invoked from within

"::tcf::send_command $chan RunControl suspend s e [list $ctx]"

(procedure "stop" line 14)

invoked from within


(file "/tmp/tmp.8l9aVwfZRt" line 16)

INFO: The XSDB log is as follows

100% 12MB 1.7MB/s 00:07


Downloading Program -- /home/zpfeffer/plxprjs/xilinx-zc706-2019.1/images/linux/zynq_fsbl.elf

section, .text: 0x00000000 - 0x000114d7

section, .handoff: 0x000114d8 - 0x00011523

section, .init: 0x00011524 - 0x0001152f

section, .fini: 0x00011530 - 0x0001153b

section, .rodata: 0x0001153c - 0x00011b83

section, .data: 0x00011b88 - 0x00014c77

section, .mmu_tbl: 0x00018000 - 0x0001bfff

section, .init_array: 0x0001c000 - 0x0001c003

section, .fini_array: 0x0001c004 - 0x0001c007

section, .rsa_ac: 0x0001c008 - 0x0001d03f

section, .bss: 0x0001d040 - 0x0001f271

section, .heap: 0x0001f272 - 0x0002127f

section, .stack: 0xffff0000 - 0xffffd3ff

100% 0MB 0.4MB/s 00:00

Setting PC to Program Start Address 0x00000000

Successfully downloaded /home/zpfeffer/plxprjs/xilinx-zc706-2019.1/images/linux/zynq_fsbl.elf


Open the Xilinx SDK and disable the breakpoints. Rerun petalinux-boot.


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