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Fix tiny gvim8.2 font on Windows 10

This short post was written to list a fix for "tiny text" when running gvim 8.2 on Windows 10.

With this "fix" gvim goes from:


Step #1: Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Vim\vim82

Step #2: (1) Right-click on gvim and (2) click Properties

Step #3: (1) Click the Compatibility tab and (2) click Change high DPI settings

Step #4: (1) Select the Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling performed by: and (2) select System (Enhanced)

Note: Selecting System also increases the font size. Selecting Application does not increase the font size.

Step #5: Click Apply


The font will likely look bad you can add:

source C:/Users/Zach\ Pfeffer/Google\ Drive/config/_vimrc

if has('gui_running')

set Courier_New:h10:cANSI:qDRAFT

endif your _vimrc

I've also included how I source a common _vimrc I keep in a Google Drive (to share among other computers.

You'll put this _vimrc in your user directory (like C:\Users\Zach Pfeffer)


  • Fix found in the thread entitled "Optimize HiDPI Screen on GVim Windows #1059" posted at [link]

  • The Vim logo is from [link]

  • Bonus material on fonts found at [link]


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