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Install and Connect to a VNC Viewer over SSH

This post shows how to install and setup a VNC connection over an SSH tunnel.

1. Log in to the server over SSH. You can set up something like this in .ssh/config:

2. Install tightvncserver

3. Start the vncserver:

... and set the password

4. Note the display:

It may be:





5. Set up ssh port forwarding.

If you have a display on name:1 then you'll use 5901, if you have a display on name:2 you'll use port 5902

A general note from link:

Means "Start an SSH connection to snoopy, and also listen on port x on my machine, and forward any connections there to port y on snoopy."

Specifically if you're connecting to a display name:1 on snoopy you'll use:

If you're connecting to a name:2 you'll use:

6. Install vncviewer on the computer you're connecting to the server

7. Now call

And specify


  • Tightvnc logo is from link.



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