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machineQ Multi-Tech MultiConnect® Conduit™ Access Point

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

This post lists pictures and documentation for the machineQ Multi-Tech MultiConnect® Conduit™ Access Point: Model: MTCAP-915, B/O: -001L-COM, Order P/N: MTCAP-915-001L-COM [link], SKU #:92507511LF.

Multi-Tech's Description and Doc Links

From Multi-Tech's website at [link]

MultiConnect® ConduitTM AP



Ethernet mLinux Programmable Access Point for LoRa Technology w/US Accessory Kit

Includes power supply with NAM blade, 6 ft. Ethernet cable, mounting bracket and Quick Start Guide (note: I did not get a Quick Start Guide in my kit. I got a piece of paper that said to go to

Data sheet at [link]

MultiConnect® ConduitTM AP MTCAP for mLinux Quick Start manual at [link]

MultiConnect® ConduitTM Access Point MTCAP User Guide for North America manual at [link]

machineQ's Description and Doc Links are available at after logging in.

More Details on the MTCAP-915-001L from the Data Sheet

From the data sheet, the MTCAP-915-001L is an Ethernet mLinux Programmable Access Point w/US Accessory Kit.

mLinux from MultiTech is documented [here].

Software Specification

  • mLinux

  • Open source embedded Linux distro based on the Yocto Project

  • Tool chain for creating custom images

  • WAN connection via Ethernet or cellular

  • Cellular PPP, DHCP client and server

  • Firewall configuration via iptables

  • Out of the box support for C, C#, C++, Java, Perl, Python, Javascript, Node.js, Ruby

  • Lighttpd web server

  • opkg package manager with limited package feed

  • Basic router functionality built-in with Linux

  • Four configurable LEDs

Hardware Specification

From the data sheet:



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