Set up the JTAG and Serial Port on the ZC702

This post shows you how to connect the JTAG and serial port of the ZC702, where to get the USB-to-serial port driver and how to configure the SDK to see the serial port output.

Versions Used

  • SDK 2018.2

  • ZC702 Rev 1.1

  • Windows 7 SP1

Set up the ZC702

Step 1: Set SW16 to JTAG mode [mode documentation see p.16]

For the rest of the jumpers see the high-resolution photo of the board in the correct state at [link].

Step 2: Connect a Micro-B to Type-A (host connection) USB cable from U23 (Diglent USB JTAG interface) to the host PC


Micro-B connector:

Type-A connector:

Step 3: Connect a Mini-B to Type-A (host connection) USB cable from J17 (CP2103GM USB-to_UART Bridge) to the host PC.


Mini-B connector:

Type-A connector:

Part II: Set up the Terminal

Step 1: Install the Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers

A. Goto [link]

B. Download and unzip the correct installer

C. Install the driver (I did not need to restart on Windows 7 SP1)

D. Click Windows

E. Click Devices and Printers

F. You should see Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge

G. Note the COM port (you'll need this later)

Step 2:

A. Click Window

B. Click Show View

C. Click Other

Step 3:

A. Expand Terminal

B. Click Terminal

C. Click OK

Step 4: Click Settings

Step 5:

A. Use the COM port listed in Devices and Printers

B. Click OK

Step 6: Turn on the board

Part III: Switch Between Run and Debug View, Set Up Debug View

Step 1: Click to disconnect Run terminal (if you're connected in Run mode)

Step 2: Enter Debugging in the SDK

Step 3: Connect the serial port

A. Click SDK Terminal

B. Click the '+' (Connect to serial port.)

C. Use these settings and click OK


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