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Setup a Digital Matter LoRaWAN Guppy Orientation Reference

Updated: May 14, 2023

This post shows you how to set up an orientation reference for the Digital Matter Guppy.


The box

Inside the box

The screws are inside the unit

The unit

Orientation Reference

1. Draw orientation arrows on the package with a Sharpie [link]


Image from [link]. More orientation notes at [link].

2. Print out this orientation guide

Available at [link].

3. Place unit face up in the package

Batteries should face out

The unit on the orientation diagram

4. Create a board for the orientation diagram

5. Tape the orientation diagram on

6. Before taping the Guppy down, get the serial programming cable

7. Plug it in

8. Close up and put the black rubberband around the unit

9. Tape everything down (Update: it does not appear that you can leave the cable connected)


Digital Matter logo from [link]


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