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Vim is Stuck!

This post lists Control-q which may un-stuck Vim. It also lists some history about the problem.

Try Control + q

If this worked, you pressed Control + s in a terminal emulator like GNOME Terminal.

In a terminal Control + s stops terminal output. Control + q restarts it.


  • Steve Oualline lists this on p156 of Vi IMproved-Vim ISBN: 0-7357-1001-5 available from Amazon at link.

  • This link from also provides the answer and gives _a_ history about it.

  • The VAXstation 100 pic is a screen capture from link

More Info

  • Terminals from Wikipedia @ link

  • According to this Wikipedia article the GNOME Terminal emulates the xterm terminal emulator

  • According to this Wikipedia article the xterm terminal emulator emulates the VAXStation 100 (VS100)

  • The VAXstation 100 USER'S GUIDE is here


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