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Links and Tips to Create a Transcript from Online Video

This post presents some links and tips on creating a transcript from an online video that doesn't include one. It uses opensource tools that run on Windows, Mac and Linux.


To create a transcript of an online video that doesn't include one you can use the following tools:

  • Audacity @ [link]

  • OpenShot Video Editor @ [link]

  • YouTube


1. Record the audio in Audacity [instructions]

2. Add the audio to a movie in OpenShot, you can also add an image (if you want a "sharp" image use a 1280×720 resolution image for 720p, 1920×1080 for 1080p)

3. Export the MP4 from OpenShot

4. Upload the MP4 to YouTube and download the transcript (note below if YouTube doesn't auto transcribe)

YouTube Didn't Auto-Transcribe

If YouTube doesn't auto transcribe you can use tools listed at [link]:

  • Dragon Home [link]

  • IBM Speech to Text [link]

  • Temi [link] (have used)

  • Braina Pro [link]

  • Transcribe [link]

Take a look at this answer for YouTube transcription [link].


  • Audacity icon from [link]

  • OpenShot icon from [link]

  • YouTube icon from [link]


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