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New Lenovo P52 Thinkpad System Information

This post lists the configuration details, system information, links to documentation, and the cost of a 20MAS87F00 ThinkPad P52 Mobile Workstation I bought to augment my T460 [link]. It is intended to act as a reference for future HOWTOs, to help me easily find docs for it, and for anyone who may find this information useful.

Configuration Details

System Information

Note: find by typing "System Information" into the Type here to search box in Windows 10


  • ThinkPad P52 User Guide [link]

  • ThinkPad P52 Hardware Maintenance Manual [link]

  • ThinkPad P52 Platform Specifications [link] (had to email Lenovo support for this one)

  • Lenovo documentation [link]

  • Intel Core i9-8950HK Processor [link]



Note: this was marked down from over $4,000 (I failed to note down the original cost)

Some Unboxing Photos


  • Tables built with Tables Generator at [link]


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