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Decoding Vivado Design Tools Device Codes and Device Ordering Information

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This blog post lists pointers to help you understand Vivado Design Tools Device Codes and AMD Part Numbers, often called Vivado Part Numbers and Manufacturer Part Numbers. Specifically, we'll focus on one example from each category: the xcve2302-sfva784-1LP-e-S Vivado Design Tools Device Code and the XCVE2302-1LSESFVA784 Device Ordering Information.

Vivado Design Tools Device Code aka Vivado Part Number: xcve2302-sfva784-1LP-e-S

The complete definition of this Vivado Part Number can be found at

Vivado Design Tools Device Code

The document clarifies that the Vivado design tools device selection code contains:

  • Speed grade (-3, -2, -1)

  • Operating voltages (HP, MP, MHP, MM, LP, LHP, LLI)

  • Temperature grade (-i, -e, -m)

  • Maximum static power screen (-S, -L)

AMD Part Number: XCVE2302-1LSESFVA784

This Device Ordering Information can be decoded using the

Versal Device Ordering Information

Here's a breakdown of the example given: XCVE2302-1LSESFVA784-ES9780

  • XC: Xilinx Commercial

  • V: Versal

  • E: AI Edge Series

  • Value Index: 2302

  • 1: Slowest Speed Grade

  • L: Low (0.7V)

  • S: Standard Static Screen

  • E: Extended Temperature Grade

  • S: 0.8mm Ball Pitch

  • F: Lidded

  • V: Pb-free Ball

  • A784: Package Footprint

In conclusion, understanding these codes can help ensure you use the right part in your Vivado design. We hope this guide simplifies your decoding process!


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