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Download, Build and Install Make 3.81 to a Local Directory From a tar.gz

This post lists the instructions to download, build and install Make 3.81 to a local directory.

Before running these instructions CD into a directory you want to install in.


# Save directory


# Put a custom bin folder in place and update the path to check it first

LOCALTOOLS=$(pwd)/tools echo $LOCALTOOLS mkdir -p $LOCALTOOLS echo export PATH=$LOCALTOOLS/bin:\$PATH > source ./

# Test it mkdir -p $LOCALTOOLS/bin echo echo Hello > $LOCALTOOLS/bin/ chmod +x $LOCALTOOLS/bin/ # You should see "Hello"

#Get and install make-3.81 locally CURDIRBEFOREMAKE=$(pwd) LOCALPACKAGE=$(pwd)/package echo $LOCALPACKAGE mkdir -p $LOCALPACKAGE cd $LOCALPACKAGE wget tar -xvzf $LOCALPACKAGE/make-3.81.tar.gz cd make-3.81 ./configure --prefix=$LOCALTOOLS make sudo make install cd $CURDIRBEFOREMAKE

#Test make cd $INSTALLDIR

source ./

which make # you should see $LOCALTOOLS/bin/make make --version # should show GNU Make 3.81


GNU image from link.


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