Dragino LoRa BEE v1.1 + HopeRF RFM95-98(W) Pictures, Pinout and Doc Links

This post contains pictures, pinouts and documentation links for the Dragino LoRa BEE v1.1 and the HopeRF RFM95-98(W).

Both Sides

LoRa BEE v1.1 Pin Breakout

The RFM95

On the other side of the board is the RFM95W module from HopeRF.

RFM95 Pinout

RFM95 Pins + LoRa BEE v1.1 Pinout

Here is the RFM95 + LoRa BEE v1.1 Pinout:


Dragino LoRa BEE wiki at [link]

RF Solutions RFM95W-915S2 at [link]

HopeRF at [link]

RFM95-98(W) from HopeRF Electronic Datasheet at [link]

The SX1276 Modules Shootout – HopeRF’s RFM95W vs NiceRF’s LORA1276-C1 vs HPDTEK’s HPD13 at [link]

Semtech's SX1276/77/78/79 - 137 MHz to 1020 MHz Low Power Long Range Transceiver at [link]

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