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Install Node.js on Windows 7

Updated: Mar 28

This post walks through a Node.js install on Windows 7 and tests that node and npm work. It installs v13.14.0 LTS.

It seems that v13.14.0 LTS is the last installer that works on Window 7. I get this error when I try to install v14.0.0 (node-v14.0.0-x64.msi from [link]):

Error when trying to install Node.js v14.0.0 on Windows 7

This post also includes a link to the License Agreement so people can review it before installing. The install takes about 30 secs and uses 86 MB.


1. Go to [link]

2. Click node-v13.14.0-x64.msi or click [link]

Use node-v13.14.0-x64.msi on Windows 7

3. Click to launch the install

Click on the link to install it.

4. Click Run

Now click Run to install

5. Click Next

Click Next to advance the installer

6. Click the I accept the terms in the License Agreement checkbox and click Next

Note: A PDF of the 25 page License Agreement is [here] a Word doc is [here]

Check the I accept checkbox and click Next

7. Click Next

Note: Installs Node.js into C:\Program Files\nodejs\

Accept the default destination folder and click Next

8. Click Next on the Custom Setup

Note: I've expanded the submodules in the picture

Accept all default install options and click Next

Note 2: Clicking on Disk Usage shows that all the features require 86 MB

Clicking on Disk Usage shows that 86 MB will be required

9. Click Install

Click Install

10. You'll see the screen pause, darken, and see this pop up. Click Yes.

Click Yes on the User Account Control pop-up

11. Click Finish

Click Finish after Node.js after the install completes

Congratulations! You've installed node and npm.


1. (A) Click the Windows Icon, (B) type cmd and (C) click cmd.exe

To test, click the Windows icon and type cmd

2. Type node -v. I see v10.14.2.

node -v. I see v10.14.2

3. Type npm -v. I see 6.4.1.

npm -v. I see 6.4.1

...and it works!


Node.js logo from [link]


Sahil dhiman
Sahil dhiman
Jul 21, 2022

Thank you 😄

Zach Pfeffer
Zach Pfeffer
Jul 21, 2022
Replying to

You're welcome!


English Together
English Together
Jun 28, 2022

Hello! After doing so how can I run the programme and start writing code in it ? Thanks in advance.


There is no 32 bit version on that list. I cant find one that works on windows 7. Can anyone help?

Replying to

I was having the same issue. node-v13.14.0-x86.msi worked for me.

that video shows the process. Its in a different language but it shows all the steps.


Soldier Solid
Soldier Solid
Apr 10, 2022

thank you guys,you just made made my summer


Pubudu Darshana
Pubudu Darshana
Mar 13, 2022

Thank you very much. It works. I was so desperate before : )

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