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Prepare a Computer for Linux Foundation Class

This post shows how to prepare a computer for a Linux Foundation Class.

This post also lists the size of the downloads (21.2 G+ size of deb pkgs) for the LFD460 Embedded Linux Development with Yocto Project and how long it took to download everything over my internet connection (21 m + 3 min for deb pkgs).

You should check the instructions at link to ensure that the steps are accurate.


1. Open a terminal and type:

2. Make it executable:

3. Run it with your class number:

Output from the command:

4. You'll need sudo for this part. Run ./ with the --install option:

Output from the command:

5. Run ./ without the --install option to check that everything went okay:

Note the W00t!

Time to Download and Space

On my machine and its internet connection it took 21m to download the 12.2 G needed + the time to download the missing packages (about 3 min)

My machine is documented here. From my ping is 53 ms download is 74.88 Mbps and Upload is 5.88 Mbps:


All of these instructions are posted at


Back Up (will be available soon)

If for whatever reason you can't get to the downloads I uploaded them to link. Just untar and decompress with:

(tar'd and compressed with tar -czvf LFT.tar.gz LFT)


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