Resolving PetaLinux Tools 2018.2 installation error: tar: .: Cannot utime: Operation not permitted

This post shows you how to resolve: tar: .: Cannot utime: Operation not permitted

tar: .: Cannot change mode to rwxr-xr-x: Operation not permitted

tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors during a PetaLinux Tools 2018.2 Installation.

Here is the complete error:

To fix it, check who owns /opt/pkg/petalinux:

1. Type cd /opt/pkg

2. Type ls -l

If you see root listed as the owner and root listed as the group this fix will work:

3. Type cd petalinux/

4. Type rm -rf *

5. Type cd ..

6. Type sudo chown -R zpfeffer:zpfeffer /opt/pkg/petalinux

7. Type ls -l

You should see:

8. Now re-run: ./ /opt/pkg/petalinux as the user you set.


Xilinx logo found via at [link]

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