Connecting Vivado to Digilent's USB-to-JTAG through VirtualBox

This post shows how to configure VirtualBox to allow Vivado and other Xilinx tools running on Ubuntu 16.04.3 in the VirtualBox managed virtual machine to communicate with Digilent's USB-to-JTAG and the USB UART.


  • This post assumes you've installed Vivado. See [link] for instructions.

  • You'll need 2 open USB ports: one for the JTAG-to-USB and one for the USB UART

Versions Used

  • Ubuntu 16.04.3

  • Vivado 2018.2

  • VirtualBox 5.2.12

  • Windows 7 SP 1

  • ZC706 REV 1.1

Configure VirtualBox

1. Save your work and close all programs on your Ubuntu 16.04.3 desktop

2. Shut down Ubuntu by (A) clicking the gear and (B) selecting Shut Down...

...then selecting the shutdown button:

Note: you must shut down Ubuntu in this way for this to work.

3. Open settings by (A) selecting the virtual machine, (B) right-clicking and (C) clicking Settings...

4. (A) Select USB, (B) select USB 3.0 (xHCI) Controller and (C) select OK

5. Start the virtual machine that has the USB 3.0 (xHCI) Controller selected