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How do I run Vivado 2019.1 from the command line on Linux?

Updated: May 14, 2023

This post shows how to run Vivado 2019.1 from the command line. It also shows you how to run Vivado in non-GUI mode and in batch mode.


Step #1: Open a terminal

Step #2: Figure out whether you're running csh or bash by typing:

ps -p $$

You should see something like:


2729 pts/1 00:00:00 bash

Step #3: Find or settings64.csh

find / -name "settings*sh"

You should see something like:



Step #4: If you're running bash type:

source /tools/Xilinx/Vivado/2019.1/


...or csh type:

source /tools/Xilinx/Vivado/2019.1/settings64.csh


You can also use:

vivado -mode gui

...and to get helpL

vivado -help

You should see something like:

****** Vivado v2019.1 (64-bit)

**** SW Build 2552052 on Fri May 24 14:47:09 MDT 2019

**** IP Build 2548770 on Fri May 24 18:01:18 MDT 2019

** Copyright 1986-2019 Xilinx, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


...and then see the GUI pop up.

Stop the GUI from the GUI

If you'd like to stop the GUI from the GUI

Step #1: Click Tcl Console

Note: you can minimize the console by clicking:

Step #2: type stop_gui in the console

You'll see a Vivado prompt:

Note 2: Type start_gui to restart the GUI.

Run Vivado without a GUI

To run Vivado without the GUI type:

vivado -mode tcl

Run Vivado in Batch Mode, i.e. Just Run a TCL Script

vivado -mode batch -source <your_Tcl_script>


  • How do I check which shell I am using? [link]

  • UG835 (v2019.1) May 22, 2019 Tcl Command Reference Guide [link]

  • UG973 (v2019.1) June 7, 2019 Vivado Design Suite 2019.1 Release Notes [link]

  • UG894 (v2019.1) May 22, 2019 Using Tcl Scripting [link]

  • The Xilinx graphic is from [link]


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