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TE0950-02-EGBE21A Unboxing

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This post shows a TE0950-02-EGBE21A unboxing. The TE0950-02-EGBE21A is an "AMD VersalTM AI Edge Evalboard with VE2302 (ES) device, 8 GB DDR4 SDRAM, 15x12cm" sold by Trenz Electric from Germany. Buy your own at:

TE0950-02-EGBE21A Unboxing

TE0950-02-EGBE21A Box

TE0950-02-EGBE21A box top

TE0950-02-EGBE21A in static bag

Top of theTE0950-02-EGBE21A board

Bottom of the TE0950-02-EGBE21A board

Block Diagram from Trenz

Block diagram of the TE0950-02-EGBE21A from Trenz


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