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Where is U-Boot's Manual?

This post describes where U-Boot is documented.


The link to U-Boot's documentation lists some documentation under a chapter called Das U-Boot (@ link). The link also lists something called the Embedded Linux Development Kit. The Embedded Linux Development Kit is _not_ U-Boot, it is used to build and test U-Boot. This description of what the ELDK _is_ is not available in the manual, a note that describes it is available in U-Boot's README (@ link). Also, the listing to download the ELDK doesn't work from the online U-Boot manual; a method to download is is given below.

Walk Through

The U-Boot manual is linked from

Clicking on it directs you to

Huh? Didn't I click on the U-Boot manual? What is the Embedded Linux Development Kit? Maybe it says what it is:


One purpose of the ELDK is listed in the U-Boot README @ link:

3.5.2. Downloading the ELDK lists how to get the ELDK.

When I tried:

I got:

To find it I needed to click on ELDK Availability (link) from

The ELDK Availability page lists:

  • for download on the following server:


  • for download on the following mirrors:


You can pull all the ELDK's with:

ELDK Documentation

This documentation does not actually say what the ELDK _is_.


  • HTML Escape / Unescape @ link

  • Recursive wget found @ link



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