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Links to the Ultra96-V2 BSP, Related Xilinx Components, Build Guide, and Hardware

Updated: May 14, 2023

This post lists links to all of the installers you'd likely use to work with the Ultra96-v2. You will need a Xilinx account to access these links. It also lists a link that lists where you can get all the hardware you'll need.

Get a Xilinx Account

Go to and click:


This guide:

PetaLinux Build Guide for Ultra96-V2


PetaLinux 2018.2 Installer (TAR/GZIP - 6.15 GB)

MD5 SUM Value : 686edec30123bacf94102f2bc6ed70ff

Ultra96 BSP

You may also want one of::

SDK 2018.2 Web Install for Windows 64 (EXE - 50.4 MB)

MD5 SUM Value : 59608302b8ca67537246bcb962bfac5d

SDK 2018.2 Web Install for Linux 64 (BIN - 99.29 MB)

MD5 SUM Value : 4e6e7c0623da7d22cb196a1ed920ccc0


2018.2 Full Product Installation Vivado HLx 2018.2: All OS installer Single-File Download (TAR/GZIP - 17.11 GB)

MD5 SUM Value : e878f870bb9d1dfc882b005550cfdbef

Get the Hardware


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