Make Sure the ZC706 Hardware is Working

This post shows how to ensure the ZC706 hardware is working by running the Built-In Self-Test.

It follows UG961, the ZC706 Getting Started Guide, adding links and pictures to make it easier for others to "check-out" the board quickly.

Hardware Needed

All of these items are included in the ZC706 Kit.

  • ZC706 evaluation board with the Zynq-7000 XC7Z045 FFG900-2 AP SoC part

  • USB to Type-A to Mini-B cable (for UART)

  • Digilent JTAG USB Type-A to Micro-B cable

TODO: is there something special about this cable?

  • AC power adapter (12 VDC)

  • TeraTerm Pro terminal or alternative

TeraTerm is available at [link]. Version 4.99 was used in this post. Its available at [link]. I selected the Standard install. This installed:

Destination location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\teraterm

Setup type:

Standard installation

Selected components:

Tera Term & Macro




Additional Plugins

TTXResizeMenu (VT-Window size can be changed from preset)

TTXttyrec (ttyrec format record data can be recorded or playback)

Start Menu folder:

Tera Term

Additional tasks:

Create Tera Term shortcut to Desktop

Create Tera Term shortcut to Quick Launch

Note: When I tried to download Tera Term Pro from the link listed in the Getting Started Guide [link] from Ayera Technologies on July 4th 2018 (Version 3.1.3) I got the following error:

  • USB-UART drivers from Silicon Labs

More to come...


ZC706 Getting Started Guide, UG961 (v6.0.1) January 28, 2015 [link]

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