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Install and Test Node.js on Windows 10

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Install and Test Node.js on Windows 10

Quickly install and Test Node.js on Windows 10 using this post. Node.js v20.11.1 (LTS) Windows, x86 is used.

Download & Install

2. Select v20.11.1 (LTS), Windows, x86:

Download Node.js v20.11.1 page screenshot

3. Download node-v20.11.1-x64.msi (Windows Installer Package) to the Downloads folder

4. Open Downloads

Click Show in folder

5. Right-click and select Install

Right-click node-v20.11.1-x64.msi and click install

6. On the Node.js Setup screen, click Next

Click Next on the Node.js Setup install screen

7. Accept the License Agreement and click Next

Click I accept the terms in the License Agreement on the Node.js Setup install screen

8. Click Next to install Node.js in the default directory C:\Program Files\nodejs\

Accept the default destination folder and click Next

9. Click Next to install everything:

Accept all default install options and click Next

Disk Usage:

Full Node.js v20.11.1 install size


Node.js runtime v20.11.1 install size

Node.js corepack manager v20.11.1 install size

Node.js npm package manager v20.11.1 install size

Node.js Online documentation shortcuts v20.11.1 install size

Node.js Add to PATH v20.11.1 install size

Node.js Add to PATH Node.js and npm v20.11.1 install size

Node.js npm modules v20.11.1 install size

10. Check the Automatically install tools... box and click Next

Click Select the check box to Automatically install tools for native modules and click Next to

11. Click Install

Click Install

12. After a time, click Finish

Click Finish after Node.js after the install completes

13. To skip this, close the pop-up. To proceed, close other programs, and hit any key

Press any key to install additional tools of Node.js

14. You may see this Chocolatey notification, if so press any key to start the installation

Press any key to allow downloading third party software

The end of the install log

Chocolatey upgraded 19/19 packages.
 See the log for details (C:\ProgramData\chocolatey\logs\chocolatey.log).

 - chocolatey-compatibility.extension v1.0.0
 - chocolatey-core.extension v1.4.0
 - chocolatey-dotnetfx.extension v1.0.1
 - chocolatey-visualstudio.extension v1.11.1
 - chocolatey-windowsupdate.extension v1.0.5
 - dotnetfx v4.8.0.20220524
 - KB2919355 v1.0.20160915
 - KB2919442 v1.0.20160915
 - KB2999226 v1.0.20181019
 - KB3033929 v1.0.5
 - KB3035131 v1.0.3
 - python v3.12.2
 - python3 v3.12.2
 - python312 v3.12.2
 - vcredist140 v14.38.33135
 - vcredist2015 v14.0.24215.20170201
 - visualstudio2019buildtools v16.11.34
 - visualstudio2019-workload-vctools v1.0.1
 - visualstudio-installer v2.0.3

Packages requiring reboot:
 - vcredist140 (exit code 3010)

The recent package changes indicate a reboot is necessary.
 Please reboot at your earliest convenience.
Type ENTER to exit

The referenced C:\ProgramData\chocolatey\logs\chocolatey.log


1. Right-click the Windows Icon and select run

Right click on the Windows icon and select Run

2. Type cmd.exe

Type cmd.exe and click OK

3. Type node -v. I see v20.11.1.

Type node -v and see v20.11.1

4. Type npm -v. I see 10.2.4

Type npm -v and see 10.2.4

This post showed how to install and test Node.js on Windows 10 using this post.


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